Solve the Riddle of Leather Bag Maintenance

Solve the riddle of leather bag maintenance

Has cleaning your leather bag turned into a nightmare for you? Keeping your leather bag intact is equally important as buying one. There are a lot of cautions and actions that you need to take in order to keep the leather bag shining.

Post purchasing a leather bag you need to follow the below mentioned steps for keeping it safe and shiny:

Ensure the type of leather




Before going into the care routine you need to ensure that the bag you bought is crafted out of 100% genuine leather. Also, it is suggested that you find out the type of skin that has been used in your bag. This is mandatory as different types of leather are taken care using a special approach.

So, if you do not know the skin of your bag then you might end up disheveling the bag even more.

 Removing the leather smell




If you have bought a leather bag then you might know that the new product might be smelly. There are certain reasons that add this smell to the new product including tanning and packaging process.

In order to remove this initial smell, it is advised to let the leather bag stand in open air and sunlight for 24 hours. This will free the product from the smell. If the smell does not go then it would be better to wrap it up in a newspaper.

 Eradicate dampness to increase the longevity




If by any chance your leather bag comes into contact with water or wet air then it is advised to dry it up as quickly as possible. For this purpose use a dry cloth and then leave it desiccated. Do not use it until the water gets completely evaporated.

Then apply a leather moisturizer to avoid extra dryness. Through this you can keep the bag intact for longer.

Unutilized bag storage caution




It might be possible that your leather bag is left unused for a longer period. For this purpose you need to make sure that you secure your bag neatly and carefully to avoid discoloration. First things first!! You need to first clean the bag with a mild leather conditioner using a dry cloth.

Then you need to keep it open for drying in the open. After the bag dries up then use a little moisturizer. Finally, store the bag in a zipper bag and store it in a cool and dry place.

Therefore, the above mentioned tips if followed carefully, will help you to retain your bag for a longer period of time.




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