How to protect your Leather Bag in the COVID-19 Crisis?

How to protect your Leather Bag in the COVID-19 Crisis?

The COVID-19 has taken a toll on the entire world. There is no single nation, business or economy that has not been affected by it. Every single person is trying to save themselves from this critical situation. The countries are moving towards the process of Lockdown. However, the financial, medical and other emergency services are still open to all.

As we all know that the COVID-19 virus is transmitted through the things used daily, your leather laptop bag can be one of them. Your other utilities like clothes, utensils, scarf, and others can be washed, but it is not possible for you to wash your genuine leather bag. So, here are a few tips that will help you to keep your leather bags away from being a carting agent of COVID-19.


  • Never place bag on floor

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If you are travelling through public transport or you are in a public place, then avoid keeping your bag on the floor. On one hand where the public transport floors are easily contaminated by various types of viruses and pathogens. On the other hand, there are chances the floor of the public places might not be cleaned properly. When you keep your leather briefcase or leather purse on such contaminated floors, they cling to your bag and then to house or wherever you go. This way you will be a carrier of this virus. So, it is advised to stay indoors and if at all necessary then take care to not put your leather bag on the floor.


  • Try to avoid contact with public toilets

Try to avoid any contact with the public toilets, if required you should not put your laptop leather bag on top of the flush tank or the washroom floor. There are a lot of germs and contamination on the floor and the flush tank that would easily reach to your home and surroundings. Instead of keeping your leather purse or leather backpack on the contaminated area hand them on the angles provided in the washrooms.


  • Use disinfectants to clean your bag

Once, you return to home make sure to clean your leather bag using disinfectant suitable for leather. Take the disinfectant on a dry cloth and apply gently on the entire bag. Make sure that you do not rub the bag briskly. As it will erode the bag and it will wear out easily. After applying the disinfectant dab, the surface of the leather bag with dry the cloth and condition it well. It would reduce the chances of transmitting the infection to you and your family members. Ensure that you clean you leather bag once in a day, so that the COVID-19 virus or any other pathogen
cannot contaminate you.

These tips if followed properly would help in saving you and your family not only from the deadly COVID-19 virus, but also from all other pathogens. This would also help to keep your bag safe from any kinds of molds as well.


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