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Vintage Overnight Weekend Leather Duffle Bag
Small Leather Duffle Bag
Small Leather Duffle Bag
Small Leather Duffle Bag
Small Leather Duffle Bag
Small Leather Duffle Bag

Vintage Overnight Weekend Leather Duffle Bag


Size - This small duffel bag is available in one size which is 18(W) x 6(H) x 6(D). It has two pockets at the side and one pocket, on the front side. This duffel bag is perfect for your small trips. 

Natural tanning – We have used the natural process of tanning for this bag. Tanning is a process that is used to treat skins and hides of animals to produce leather. The tanning process includes the alteration of skin structure.

Handmade Leather – Authentic leather bag is the best quality of bag that you can have. Handmade leather is the real leather and it can last for years without getting damage and also over the time of use it will give you a vintage look and it will become softer by the time.

Durability – This bag is made of Got leather. It is sturdy and it has canvas lining inside. It is durable enough if you are a person who can’t care much about their thing this bag is for you. It requires little attention and it will as resilient as it can be.

Strap – Along with this bag you will be getting an adjustable shoulder strap with a shoulder pad. Which makes it easier to carry.


  • Full-Grain Goat Leather 
  • Brass Material


If you want a perfect leather bag and if you are very picky when it comes to your leather goods, this Small Leather Duffel Bag will be ideal for you. We have developed a wide range of leather duffel bags and all the other types of leather bags you could think of to keep your gadgets and important document safely.

Our leather bags are handmade to the highest quality and our designs are inspired by vintage classic look. It will not only make you stylish but also it is very functional and you will be definitely making a style statement wherever you go.

Reason to choose the leather bags from us – We all look for quality things in terms of anything that we use, and we always want that thing should be last long. Leather goods are one of them, Leather is one of the materials which really last long. The following are the reasons why you should choose leather bags from us.

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  • 100% Handmade & Handstitched 
  • Eco - friendly
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